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Ironton Ferry

18 May 2013 - 07:07 AM

The Ironton Ferry upgrades are coming along great. I visited the vessel yesterday afternoon and found the crew working there to be in great spirits and looking to our "deadline" of Memorial Weekend. Obviously many stars will have to align to make this happen but the plumbing systems (hydraulics) and electrical are all being worked on and worked out. Tentatively the plan is to start the engine for the first time on Tuesday, start checking systems, keep putting things together and on Wednesday the Coast Guard is to inspect deck repairs and possibly hydraulic systems if not on Thursday. Static pressure tests require significant time to make sure there are no pressure drops for up to fifteen minutes with lines closed. This ensures that the hydraulic plumbing is pressure and leak free, essential to the durability of the ship.

The cabinet to cover the engine assembly is being manufactured, air conditioning and heat unit has been installed with final assembly when paneling is installed on the interior walls. Things such as lighting, horns and all are being worked on. Believe me there are a lot of people working and there would be more but they would be running into each other! If we get the proper safety equipment and placards in place we may be allowed to run next weekend! Wishful but possible! To conclude the project may be possible during the season with some scheduled down times. This could be arranged to get commuters across as well as noon and evening passages. Comments here will help to put this together. Post your questions or comments, thanks!